Free Shipping For All U.S. Orders Over $50

Free Shipping For All U.S. Orders Over $50

AI Navy Women's Slip-on Shoes

We've been told by many these compare quite favorably with a well-known brand that starts with "V" (but we know ours are better and even more comfortable). Not to mention our custom printed slip-ons cost half as much as theirs!

You will fall in love with these for everyday wear.

  • Features a full front-toe canvas print
  • Elastic stretch in-step for easy on-and-off use
  • Soft textile lining with lightweight construction for maximum comfort
  • High-quality canvas construction for everyday use
  • Durable EVA out-sole for exceptional traction

PLEASE NOTE - These shoes are custom-built just for you. The raw materials are printed and then cut to the exact size you order (see sizing charts).  Each pair is then hand-assembled and finished to create one of the most comfortable, durable and unique shoes on the market. Estimated standard delivery time is 14-20 business days.


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